Villa Esengrini Montalbano

Villa Esengrini Montalbano is one of the most fascinating examples of historic villa in neoclassical-liberty style, perfect location for those who dream a memorable event.

The Villa, commissioned by General Luigi Esengrini and designed in 1875 by the architect Alemagna has an important historical value, was the place where the Italian Liberation was made official with the election of the mayor of Varese on April 24, 1945.

The long avenue immersed in the 45.000 sqm park, is surrounded by secular trees and a breathtaking landscape and lead to the villa on the top of Montalbano hill, from which it takes its name.

Villa Esengrini Montalbano is located in the center of Varese and enjoys an amazing panoramic view of Lake Varese, the Alps, Monte Rosa, Sacro Monte and the historic center; it is only 25km from Como and Lugano, 50km from Milan and 35km from Milan Malpensa airport.

The property is made up of two distinct structures: the ancient Villa and the modern Stables .

Different solutions to create an unforgettable wedding or event and meet the various needs.

The numerous spaces available allow you to modulate the event and customize it, always ensuring an excellent B plan.

Recently renovated to preserve and enhance the historicity of the building and at the same time make it more functional and welcoming, Villa Esengrini Montalbano is always proposed for exclusive use, without overlapping events; it will be the unforgettable place for your special occasions both private and corporate.